Its taken almost 4 months to get a business credit card, something that should have taken 15 business days - Not because the application process is difficult or laborious, but because the world is full of people just like me - Busy, bored, emotional people who have their own lives, and who make mistakes. It may have taken 4 visits in person to the bank, but it’s okay, because I’m finally holding my card.

It’s easy to get frustrated with things not going your way, but it’s equally easy to sit down and to wait. Whether its opening a bank account, tracking down the right expert to talk to about your business, or getting a refund for last night’s dinner, it may take some time.

So sit down, be patient, and make sure that the person who knows how to get it done knows how important it is to you. Try to stay calm and reasonable. Go to them in person if possible, and as often as is reasonable.