Last night I was so pleased to attend the second ever live recording of the Skinnyfatties “In The Studio” podcast, co-hosted by Joshua Brueckner and Ian Phillips. The podcast is a concise dialog between the two hosts, with brief appearances by special guests.

What I really love about the podcast being live, is seeing first hand how easy it can be to get people excited about a brand. The podcast is only loosely related to the Skinnyfatties brand, but after hearing “Skinnyfatties” over 10 times during the podcast, and seeing the brand name just above those being interviewed, it is thoroughly in my head.

Digital marketing is great for reaching people that you don’t know, but getting 10 people into a room, giving them free food and drinks, and subtly wispering your brand into their ear may be more effective, and I think people like it more.

Congrats to Josh and Ian for another successful live session. The latest podcast will be available Friday, November 21st on the Skinnyfatties website.