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Jordan Cooperman

Hi, I’m Jordan.

I think of myself as a wanderer in common shoes. I've tried a little of everything. I studied painting and photography in school. In my quest for the perfect portfolio, I learned how to build websites and enjoyed the immediacy of programming.

I went back and forth between design and programming for many years and later discovered product management, which was, at the time, a natural intersection of the two. I've worked at large corporations and small startups, and I've tried building a startup of my own.

Along the way, I've loved to read and write. I've found that there are few things in this world which can change behavior as immediately as reading a profound paragraph. I've learned that things are often different from how they seem, and it helps me to think out loud here. Putting words in public helps me stay connected to others and accountable to myself.

If you'd like to contribute and you're shopping on Amazon anyway, consider clicking my Amazon referral link. It costs the same for you, and a small percentage goes to further my writing.