Back in 2013, a friend sent me a letter. It was something very simple and kind, and enclosed a hand drawn picture of a cactus, which is my favorite plant (and which I framed). I wanted to reciprocate, so I started to write. What came out was unexpected. Over several weeks, I produced a short story. The story is entitled “The Size of a Pea”, where I asked readers to imagine themselves traveling through our world at such a size. The book is for children i think. It’s surrealistic, and not meant as a literal comparison of two co-existing worlds, and so I exclude other human-sized humans. Once finished, I hand wrote the story, and sent it off.

I still have very little idea what will happen to the story, but it’s already taken a long journey. Over the past 2 years, I attempted to work with several illustrators, and while they were all very talented, it was never quite right. The book stuck in my head though, and I finally decided to illustrate it myself once I started talking to people in the publishing industry. I have never thought of myself as an illustrator, because I’m mediocre at drawing. However, I’m quite good at using a computer, and so I set out to make the story as digital paintings - they’re really more wireframes at this point. I’ve made 10 total, these are 3 of them. Since starting to work on them, I’ve gone through 3 complete revisions of each image, and have improved a lot in that time. Good things to come hopefully.

Pea with Cat
Pea with moon